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- Let's deliver the world you wanted to show us, your thoughts -

With these words, in September 2021, “Neko Co., Ltd.” was born in Japan.  
Inheriting Japan's wonderful craftsmanship and its culture――――
For its sustainable development, it is facing a very important phase.
we recognize  

  is a means for creators to convey the technology and thoughts they want to deliver to customers.
To assist customers by using the most suitable information and communication technology.  
We are expanding our business there with tremendous enthusiasm.  
Because with the changing times,

"Things that must change" and "Things that must change"Because I think there are both


The way we do business has already changed quite a bit.  
People can go get information by themselves from anywhere in the world,  
It is now possible to choose and take responsibility for what to believe and empathize with.

And those times are no longer recent.
This applies to both companies and individual entrepreneurs

It can be said that we are faced with a mixture of extremely serious risks and opportunities.  

I can't attract customers like before,

Business partners who have noticed that the means of chasing customers themselves have become powerless

There were so many.  
In order to develop Japan's wonderful technology and culture,

We have to make it known to many people and create a trembling sympathy.

​"Change" to inherit "things that should not change"

To that end, we can help

We will do our best to help you.  

It is a famous story, but in the words of Mr. Henry Ford who popularized "automobiles",  
"If I had asked my customers what they wanted,  
They would have replied, 'I want a faster horse'. ”.  
Nowadays, the words "after corona" and "with corona" are well known in the world, but

It's not that people's behavior has changed due to corona,

I feel that I may have "finally noticed the behavior that was changing".  
We respond to the scale and requests of small and medium-sized business partners.

Starting with the development and production of content such as CG,

We also assist in transferring the entire business of one department within the company to our overseas subsidiary.  
The era in which only large organizations with capital can send information through the power of mass has already passed.

I think it's nothing but a chance.

It is already happening in various fields as a real phenomenon.  
"Neko Co., Ltd."

To connect with customers from all directions in Japan, regardless of industryAlthough the company was just born,

Since 2013, over 15,000 domestic cases have been performed at overseas subsidiaries in nine years.

An IT group that boasts a track record of support,We have a system in place to support you by becoming your hands and legs.
I'm here.  
There are many things we can help you with at a very reasonable cost, but  
Rather than having you associate with us as a company for the means of production,

As a partnership for wanting to achieve something and want to solve it,

We would like to do our best for the customers who found us.  
I pledge that I will be of use to connect everyone's passionate intentions.  

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