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​Making by a specialist
 - 4seasons -
Feel the life

CG Perspective

Perspective production by CG specialist
The impression is decided at a glance.
Considered as the face of the company.

Create opportunities to want to know more.

The first second determines the opportunity.

Internet society is a matter of course,
Nowadays searching for things on SNS is
It's time to go mainstream.

Eh, this is a photo! ?
Experienced CG that can be mistaken for
Created by a team of specialists.

[Response to housing information site misrepresentation regulations]
Using local photos or Google Street View, you can express not only the building but also the local surrounding environment and facilities in detail.SUUMO and other real estate information site companies are quick to prepare a system that can respond to regulations that are considered to be misrepresentation, which will be tightened from 2021.


4D Virtual Movie
4 Seasons Logo.png
evoke emotion. I can convey my thoughts. Five senses work.
We are making such videos.

The overwhelming amount of information contained in images is
5,000 times more than photos and text.
Do you know this?

1 minute video
1.8 million characters,
3600 pages worth of web pages
called the amount of information.
(From Mehrabian's Law)

At Neko Co., Ltd., "4D" instead of 3D 
Give the space time axis and seasonal changes
I am making a video.

in the climate of Japan
Three colds and four warms, flowers in the morning, moon and evening,
Expression of living space by season and weather,
The visual sense of appearance,
hearing through music,
Furthermore, the temperature and breathing
It evokes an audible emotion.

Even if it's only for a moment, there's something that moved me
At least everyone does.

Your building and space, the creator,
As a virtual exhibition hall that invites excitement,
We will help you ask the world.


Feel the life
―Start of business,
Not after the real thing is built,
From the time we raise funds and get the building confirmation
If we can do that, managers and salespeople will

3It's like buying months of time—

I visited the production site for an inspection,
From the voice of the top of a certain big builder
I decided to start this service.

Trains, bullet trains, planes.
according to purpose and importance
By choosing the means
We often say “buy time”.

The layer called Generation Z has become mainstream,
In the world of "Metaverse"
A world without resistance is just around the corner.

Information that is given unilaterally is propaganda,
You can walk in space with your own will,
As a catalog that you can experience,
Be able to check the property.
Similar to video, such interactive
The experience comes first, and the business negotiations go forward.

This is already entertainment,
in the automobile, clothing and other industries
It is the order of commercial distribution that is becoming normal.

Sell before building. Experience before you build.
if you don't need goggles
No special app required
By completely virtual CG that can be experienced casually
We offer model homes.
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